Rates of chronic disease are raising. With this comes other issues such as eating dysfunction & malnutrition. In parallel, interactive modulating mechanisms between diet and the microbiome are becoming increasingly evident. New product development is not only critical, but also increasingly within reach.

Our novel platform solutions deliver functionality to food, for 'nextgen' foods, of the future, for all. We aim to be a crucial part of the future 'food IS health' revolution.

Lets drive a more sustainable ‘us’!

We've been nominated for the SDG awards 2021!
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The SDG Tech Awards is not just an award show celebrating and gathering sustainable technologies, but a program that creates a permanent community of Green Impacts drivers who can share their green technologies and collaborate to help accelerate the green transition.

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Enzymes, micro-encapsulation, probiotics & bioactives.

Enzymes impregnation:

Our novel Enzymes Impregnation Blends soften the consistency of vegetables & proteins to different levels of softness. We use a mix of enzymes, viscosity and taste enhancers (the enzymes are denatured before consumption!)  Eventually the blends will be nutritionally fortified as well. ‘Soft food’ supports millions of people who experience eating dysfunction often as a result of disease. 

Encapsulation technique:

Probiotics & bioactives are merited to have the power to confer health benefit & potentially even target & modulate disease. To enable their full potential, technology needs to advance.  We’re aiming to overcome current delivery issues by developing a novel encapsulation technique. This technique will protect probiotic & bioactive ingredients to target location & be optimised for application to food & beverages.

Probiotics & bioactives:

In parallel with growing microbiological R&D with increasing opportunity for personalised health & recovery, we aim to use our novel encapsulation technique to develop a range of probiotics & bioactives, ready for application within foods & beverages.

We also aim to fortify our ‘Enzymes Impregnation Blends’ so that texture modified foods deliver soft texture as well as nutritional benefit.



Our platform consists of novel biotechnologies giving us opportunity to be market leaders with high impact potential.


Our technologies are built to promote health & recovery, via food & beverages.

Cost saving

We anticipate that our technologies could contribute towards reduced economic burden by delivering functionality to food & beverages, that have the power to confer health benefit, aid recovery & promote intake to stem malnutrition risk.


Sustainability in health & wellness is not given the emphasis it should have. We aim to contribute towards a more sustainable society with less disease burden, by driving a more diverse & supportive food system with technologies that enable functionality in food.


My name is Lisa Tammi. I’m on a mission to drive plant-based eating & change the way we think of food. Food should provide comfort, the pivot around social interactive, memories & cultural steadfastness, – but it should also contribute towards a much healthier and consequently happier,  ‘me’. I believe that the eco-system around food needs to change to include better education, relevant regulation & more diverse food options supporting different & individual need. 

Food IS health! It needs to be integral to prevention, recovery & good health prognosis. Join us in making ‘us’ more sustainable. 


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PS. Incase you’re wondering. We did call ourselves ‘SoftBite’ but now that our technology platform is expanding to more than just ‘soft food technology’, we’re going by our registered name, MELLO!

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